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Twitchy vagina

Adjusting anus options makes the vag twitch.
Are you aware of this ?


  • Same issue! The vagina settings will often reset to defaults until I go back and jiggle a slider.
  • edited October 1
    Yes same. The vagina jiggling I think has to do with actual physics of the body making the vagina adjust. The body physics is more robust than YL1 so this may be a small effect of just the ass jiggling making the vagina also jiggle a little.

    The vagina not adjusting to the proper settings is definitely a bit annoying, and would like to vouch for this.

    I also want to add that Nipples have the same issue where the settings dont reflect the visuals upon loading. A slight jiggle to the settings of the nipples, then suddenly it restores the visual back.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I think these issues have been fixed now and will be included for the next release. Thanks for pointing them out.

    This means you may have to go back and readjust vagina options and reupload your character, since the loaded look didn't reflect options correctly.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Can you show me a character where the nipple thing happens? Can't seem to reproduce the problem.
  • edited October 1
    And you will see something is odd with the nipples. wiggle a slider slightly (from areola&nipples), like size maybe, and you will see it morph instantly to what it supposed to look.

    Many characters (not just mine) have this little issue from what I can tell.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Ok, thanks, it should be fixed now. :)
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