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Option to scale everything with your character

As far as I know, you can't scale parts and maps with the character. Can this be added?
P.S If right now there are more important features being in development then will we get it in the future?


  • odesodes Administrator
    What's the use case of this scaling function you're asking for?

    By map, do you mean textures or environment?
  • By map I mean textures. I mostly want this function because if you're already in the middle of making a character, but decided that they need to be smaller or bigger you have to adjust a lof things. It's nothing big, but I thought I might as well put it in suggestions.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I see. Something like a global scale slider.

    It might be added at some point, but it's not a priority atm. Thanks for the suggestion though.
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