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Fluff does not reflect on the celestial mirror [Issue?]

Not a big issue or anything... yet! But since YL1 had mirrors, im guessing the future for furryVNE will also have mirrors. The graphical fidelity of mirrors here does not entirely work for fluff.

Images were done in Maximum graphical settings.

The silhouette of the body seems to hide the visuals of fluff. Anything that sticks out of that silhouette appears to show.

More examples:

However, I did notice that it now reflects more than what it used to reflect.

Earlier build(s)

Im guessing this is something you are developing on. Although, Im not sure if this is worth covering as an "issue", but rather an input on it may give some relief I think. Not that its that important... YET


  • odesodes Administrator
    Good catch. I did not know about this. Will investigate asap.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I have identified what's causing this issue, but I don't know why it's causing it. Currently trying to find help.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I have a work around. It's not ideal, but at least it's something:

    Essentially, pixel offset has been disabled here in the reflection (because that was what caused the issue.). That means fluff instances won't blend into body in the reflection.

    Hopefully a better solution will present itself.
  • Nice going, this should make playing around with the reflection possible then.
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