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Layers and Folders move after loading the character

A pretty annoying bug in regards to the Layers and Folders.

When loading my newest character (Torr), his layers move on their own. If you load Torr from the cloud now, youl see that (in texturebuilder>layers) the skinsplatter layer is underneath the Cloth folder. When previously it was supposed to be above. What is worse is that the fur texture, skinbits and skinsplatter were all in a folder previously, and they moved when loading him. So I tried to fix it by remaking them, turns out that the Cloth Folder is moving on its own as well.

Ok so this is what I remember doing, and what I remember happening.

I was attempting to move my layers after creating the fur texture by right clicking and "move up" option. However, it did not move. So I did that several times, until the "move up" option was no longer there, only move down options. So in a certain way it did move (or the app thinks it moved). Then it fixed itself after a few more attempts of "moving" it up and down.

After thinking it was fixed, I put it in a folder.

Same thing happened to one of my cloth layers. And then I put it in a folder.

After completing my character, the layers moved after loading him.


I do not know what is happening, but something happened with the structure of layers, or the folders have something to do with making the layers move. I did get the "move up" but it does not move up bug, BEFORE i put it in a folder. In any case, I dont think I will be using folders, or at least, I will have to keep an eye out for when a layer wont move when I tell it to.

Current work around:

Recreate the layer if it wont move, even if it moves after it didn't, and try not to put layers in folders. If the same happens with masks, that does not matter because the placement of masks have no meaning. But placement of layers does.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for noticing these issues. I think I have been able to fix them.

    There will probably be a patch release because there has been some bugs and the fixes are piling up.
  • odesodes Administrator
    A new build has been published:
  • Nice! It seems like this automaticly fixed Torr as well. Again, I feel sorry for bringing up issues, it kind of piles on more work. But this one in particular was a bit heinous.
  • odesodes Administrator
    It was just loading that was done improperly, so any files saved before build should work in regards to folders. :)

    And no need to apologize. Always bring up issues you run into, no matter what!
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