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An alternative way to do eyelashes

Just thought I'd share this tip.

You can use appendage groups to create eyelashes. It's a bit fiddly, and appendage groups weren't really made for this, but it's definitely possible to do.

The advantage of doing it through appendage groups is that you can sculpt eyelashes freely and form "clumps", which is perhaps more natural looking.

I'm not a very good artist, but here's a proof of concept:

Example character file:


  • Good idea, I havent thought of this. But, im afraid XD. Seems like a bit of a chore to do, but I like the idea. This is the kind of posts ide expect from the Guides section.
  • Also, if you're looking for a less intensive way to make better eyelashes, experimenting with different alphas has produced some good results on my end.

    And here's the alpha I made, if you'd like:
  • odesodes Administrator
    That's some nice looking stuff @ScruffyTheDeer!

    Thanks for sharing.
  • Those are legit really good! Il be using them!
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