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Wrong character number in cloud

So, this is a strange one(might be connected to the wrong derivatives problem). I noticed that the character Muzi(from kittysasha) is based on character Muzi from Sehfir(being shown as number 172 in cloud), but her(Muzi from Sehfir) actual number is 171(yes, I counted). The earliest occurence of that is Vera being shown as number 169(her actaul number is 168).
I thoguht maybe your character count starts from 0 and not from 1, but the character Whitney(v2) from itryen(being shown as number 130 in cloud) actual number is 130.
P.S Every character number(at least those that I can see from derivatives) before Whitney(v2)(130) is right/after Vera(168/169) is wrong on 1.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for bringing this upp. I have identified a bug that will potentially cause ANY uploaded character to get a wrong derivative ID set.
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