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Scenes synchronized with computer controlled sex hardware (Vstroker/Lovense/etc?)

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Hey! Just curious, is there any interest in getting the game working with hardware for input or output? I've written drivers for multiple computer controlled sex toys, both for input via accelerometer and output via multiple methods, would be kinda cool to add to the VR experience.

I'm working on a prototyping framework for accessing/controlling toys right now, and would be happy to advise if you've got some hardware you're interested in working with. All of my code for this stuff (most of which is PoC for protocol documentation) is at


  • odesodes Administrator
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    May be relevant at some point. We'd have to get VR working properly first. :)

    The thrusting is just guided by a number, so it wouldn't make a difference if it's a device or animation curve inputting that number. Getting it to work properly with resistance and such is more challenging though, since the features of the user's genitals would differ from those of the characters in the game (missing knot). Not sure how that could be solved in a way that doesn't break immersion.
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    Hmm, yeah, good point on the resistance, not a problem I'd thought about before, heh. There's not really a toy out there right now that would simulate that well (the real touch would've, actually, but it's off the market). Anyways, feel free to poke me if you're interested or just want to know what's out there, happy to help out. :)
  • Ha, was looking this up wanting to see if i could set up my lovense with the game somehow only to find qdot himself offering help. Would love to see digital sex toys working with the game somehow. 
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