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Biggest issue almost all furry 3d models, and their simplest fix.

edited November 2020 in Suggestions
I have seen this irritating issue in not just nearly all 3d furry models anywhere I can find them on the internet, but also this is an issue in furry art as well.  Why is it that anthro males a majority of them have animal shlongs, but practically all anthro females have exclusively human vajajays?  Can't there be an option and variety to have either animal or human genitalia on both male/female genitalia?  It should be a relatively easy fix.  STOP this biased now, it's a tragedy and a crime worthy to call the F.B.I. on!  It's what made Michael Jordan cry on that meme.


  • It is because we are still human, and those anthro characters are actually just as Human. Making it easy to just go with human features. Also, Vagoos are "similar", but PPs are obviously not similar. For FurryVNE, the Vagina is directly tied with the Body. While the Penis is an addon to the body.
  • Couldn't the custom vagoos be an addon down the line?  If anthro characters are human (and I know they are), why is the pee-pee not?
  • They answered why we cant have different vaginas  in some other post. I forgot where, cant bother digging it up :P But male penises being different is because like I said, they are obviously different looking, so it is easy to go and take inspiration to make a unique penis. While vaginas generally are the same in essence and arent inherently obvious to their differences, which makes it easier to just go with what you know, which is the human Vagina.

    The best I can personally do is make up wild and crazy new alien Vaginas that arent like any animals in earth at least.
  • As an idea, more unique vaginas are not far fetched. It would be nice to see more unique versions like with dicks or some more sliders to go.
    Like erect clitoris, labia size, or maybe even size editor in general. Big crazy alien vaganias sounds nice. If I remember correctly there is at least one character that has dog genitals added as part.

    But is that going to happen? I know devs already had to do some rebranding to avoid future problems and adding more realistic animal vagingas is probably not going to help. And of course, it's more work atop an already big pile of work. So if we ever get to see them it's going to take some time.
  • edited November 2020
    I have seen the new shark dong; and compared it to a real one.  Trust me, the fantasy is better, we don't want the real one (or twos to be precise).  (Also, duck ones scare me!)  And if we can have fantasy dong's we can have fantasy vaginas.  And to be honest, all of these anthro dongs are all kinda humanized anyways.  If a site like Bad Dragon can exist and be successful, I don't see a problem with this.  It can even switch between human penises and vaginas to a furry one.  But, no rush, I can wait.  It's just so BIZARRE aesthetically to have one for one gender and not the other.  When I think about anatomy design, I think about EVERY part of the anatomy, even the no-no ones.  At the VERY least, give me an option to import a custom OBJ. that can have it's own bone set to parent on and/or it's own shape-key sliders.  If I have to make it myself, I will, for the good of America!
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