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A Promotional Idea...

edited November 2020 in Suggestions
I have a cunning plan for the developers...  Why don't you take one (or 3) of your pre-existing models, rig it, make it user-friendly for a few 3d softwares (predominantly Blender), and send it off to a variety of websites with a link and a discussion to your Patreon, stating to others they can make their own furry model, too?  I personally would launch them to Smutbase.  That's got a MASSIVE community of 3d artist/animators there!  And Smutbase is a partnered site with SFMLab, and Open3DLab, where all 3 of the communities intertwine.  Heck, those guys might give us some neat stuff, too!


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for the suggestion.

    We suck at promotion. Personally, I feel weird about promoting something that isn't finished, and I'm never really happy with what I do so that usually means never.

    That being said, I think we'll do some promotional stuff once we actually have interactions in there on e621 or something.
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