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A quick question to the Yiffalicious Devs

Heya, so me and my friend are turning some of our favourite places from our favourite games into VRChat worlds, so they can be visited and experienced in a more polished and realistic way.
We wanted to ask for permission to turn the Yiffalicous beach-house into a vrchat world, and for a copy of the building.
We do not want to make any profit of it, and we will make sure to keep the world vrchat friendly.

Anyway, I'm looking forward for a response! ^^


  • If i remember correctly, the beach house was a bought asset map or something. So it is not something the yiffalicious devs have full license to give out.

    I cant speak for them, but that is what I remember them saying at some other thread.
  • Thanks, if that is true, that alone is good to know.
    My friend really loves that place, so in case its a asset, i hope to find it.

    thanks for the answer!
  • edited November 2020
    Hello, :)

    Glad you like the map, personally its one of my fave maps to :)

    Currently i haven't really thought about letting people download the maps, but when FurryVNE has public releases i will probably let them :)

    As of VR chat, i was thinking of doing somthing familiar. So bring in old maps but with updated parts that people didnt like and stuff. Or just make a few new ones entirely, if people are interested anyway :3
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