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Custom texture authoring makes no sense to me.

I tried to make custom textures by exporting the model to Quixel mixer but the model is unusable.
How to obtain model of a character from YL2 that would be usable in external texturing software?


  • For most programs, you have to at least unstack UVs. Merging duplicate vertices might also help prevent some issues. I'll link the unstack tutorial soon, I'll have to look for the merging clip.
    Is Mixer "fixed" now? I wasn't able to make fancy stuff in it half a year ago. Otherwise I'd "recommend" Mari by Foundry - way more feature packed, but hella unstable.
  • Unstacking:
    You'll need blender as an intermediary tool.
    I don't seem to have a video clip for merging vertices, I'll record my preparation process on older YL2 FurryVNE version I have later today.
  • odesodes Administrator
    You can also just select everything in the mesh in Blender and press P > "Separate by material". 
  • My process for older versions:
    Don't know how well it holds up now.
  • Now I see what I did wrong I merged the model and stacked all uvs in one texture.
    Thanks for help.
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