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Triangles have gone UP

Ive come across one of my characters who was at the edge of triangles (Krux). His body textures were missing, AS WELL AS SHAFT TEXTURE. So I fixed them back up, when I wanted to publish him, it said I exceeded the number of triangles.

Is it due to Fur Authoring? I didnt give him any fur as he is a dragon with no fur :|

This is where I for the first time learned about part instancing and got his triangles down, although I have to report this as another character had the same issue. Triangles have essentially gone up.


  • odesodes Administrator
    The texture issue should be fixed, as stated in your other thread.

    No, the number of triangles is not due to fur authoring. It has to do with a previous bug that calculated the number of draw calls and triangles incorrectly (too few).
  • Oh! So it is now... normal? Dang
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