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Characters and Animation

edited November 2020 in FurryVNE
I've held off on creating characters in FurryVNE for a really long time since my schedule has been reletively packed andalso because I had a question about characters made with the current (WIP at time of writing) version. Will characters created now be able to be animated and interactive in the release or will the system undergo more changes? Again, we appreciate all the effort and keep it up.




  • odesodes Administrator
    The system will most definitely undergo changes, as changes are happening continuously. However, characters created now will still be possible to animate. Despite changes happening all the time, characters from the first release are still possible to open with the latest. This is a consequence of our development architecture, in which a tremendous amount of thought and effort has been poured.
  • Thanks, I guess I should familiarize myself with the controls :D
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