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Levels Layer and Fur behaving weirdly

Levels Layer

My newest character (Yua) has a Levels layer, this layer does not apply itself on load. Only when I make a change, and then UNDO the change does the levels layer apply.

To replicate: load her, and then re-size the nose or something. Then ctrl+z to undo. Suddenly the levels layer will apply.
It is really as simple as that. I can make it work consistently.

Fur sculpt tool affecting other parts

The sculpt tool projects to each facing surface it can find and applies the sculpt properties to it.
To replicate and see what I mean, remove fur using Gradient Fill+Length. Then find an angle on the character that you think will hit several limbs. Apply a beam of sculpt fur by just clicking once. Rotating the camera around to see where the fur has been applied and you will see that all surfaces facing the camera (and your target) has been affected.

A better example is to aim at the head through the arm.

When you apply sculpt fur property to a limb with nothing behind it, it will only affect the facing surface. Lets say you put fur on the leg, you wont affect behind the leg. But if that leg had another leg behind it, you will affect both legs from the same angle.

I knew there was something weird happening, but now I know why. If you can fix this, then you will also fix the FPS drop that it causes when you affect several limbs at once.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Levels layer -
    Thanks for discovering this and bringing it up. This issue has now been fixed.

    It's tied to the mask usage. After load, the mask wasn't properly loaded and thus would return a black texture.

    Sculpt culling -
    This is indeed the way it's implemented atm. There's only culling for face normal, not obscurance. This is partly why set clipping border was implemented.

    We might implement obscurance at some point, but it is unfortunately a bit trickier than you might think, and other tasks have priority.

    The work around for now is to use clipping border and/or place your camera in such a way that you won't affect multiple limbs simultaneously.
  • odesodes Administrator
    edited November 2020
    Fluff it. I implemented an obscurance filter.

    Here you can see only the non obscured vertices facing the camera are being marked with red.

    All I need to do is integrate it into the authoring tools. But I gtg now.
  • edited November 2020
    Thanks for the response and gj.

    The work around for now is to use clipping border and/or place your camera in such a way that you won't affect multiple limbs simultaneously.

    Yupp, you are 100% right in that clipping border is the tool to utilize for this. Honestly, even when this is fixed down the line,  the clipping border tool would still be very good. Ive had many times messed up a few sculpts all because I didnt use it.

  • odesodes Administrator
    Obscurance has now been implemented, and culling in general has been vastly improved performance wise.
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