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Similar "games" to Yiffalicious but for humans?

This may or may not have been asked before, but is there something like Yiffalicious, but for humans instead? What I love about yiff is how quickly & easy it was, being someone with ZERO experience, to learn how to make poses/animations.
The physics of the game are great, which allows for some pretty realistic looking dynamics.

If I had it my way, I'd honestly just incorporate humans into Yiff 2 but that's probably something that's also been debated/overlooked.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Humans in FurryVNE (YL2) is not planned atm and is unlikely to ever be implemented.

    I don't know of any app/game like Yiffalicious, but then again I don't know of that many ero games either, so ...
  • @jakesow
    There's a few somewhat similar titles out there, some of them quite old, but I don't think any are quite the same in terms of customizing the animations; they tend to have a ready-made library of them right out of the box, but authoring new ones is far from intuitive, often needing you to mod the game to even be able to do it.

    Virt-A-Mate is the closest match that I know of. It's built for VR, though, so it might be a bit tricky to operate without it. Haven't tried it myself, so I can't say for certain, but it looked rather complex last time I saw it in action. They might have improved it since then, though.

    If you're happy to just use preset animations, the hentai games made by Illusion are a good option if you're interested in anime and anime-esque stuff. For a more western look, a little mod by the name of The Klub 17 for an old game called 3D Sex Villa 2 is probably still your best bet. The intrepid modders have done an impressive job keeping that ancient engine relatively up-to-date with graphical improvements over the years, but it does show its age in many areas.

    I'm still waiting to hear why this is the case, by the way. I hear tell human x furry is technically against Patreon's ToS, but Wild Life seems to be chugging along nicely despite this. Either there's some nuance to the rule I'm not aware of or it's getting selectively enforced because there's a lot of money being made in that particular case.

    If it's just a personal lack of interest in that type of content, I hope you're at least going to let the community create it instead. It's clear there's a lot of demand for it, so there's plenty of reason to have it for those that want it.
  • Currently I'd go with either Future Love Space Machine or Honey Select 2. I can't provide any links, but I'm sure you'd be able to get a copy somewhere if you know where to look.

    As for human integration into FurryVNE, I think human integration will be very easy but it will have to be a community mod. I think having a human-shaped head mod will do the trick because the main identifier of a character's species would be the head.
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