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has anyone played this game on oculus quest 2 VR?

hello, I have an occulus quest 2 vr headset, I can connect it to my PC with a link cable, and run desktop vr games using the occulus launcher, or sidequest vr. 

I can also fun furrylicious and play with a keyboard and mouse, but is there anyway to play in VR with my headset ?

I tried installing virtual desktop, and launching furrylicious while staring at my desktop in the virtual desktop app to see what happens, but it just stays in windowed or fullscreen in virtual desktop.


  • I would imagine you need SteamVR installed, and to run it through that. I don't think there will be a way to use the VR on the Quest as a standalone since I don't think the game was ever designed to have that option, and I don't think they ever implemented support for utilizing Oculus VR either, just SteamVR support.
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