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Not sure if it's intentional or not. After you load a preset in BoneOptions, character masks look how they should (, but when you update that character (for example you scale/reload them) masks break(


  • odesodes Administrator
    Ah, this is indeed a bug, but not in the way you suggest.

    The texture builder is always applied to the final shape of the character. When loading a preset however, the "old" texture was used. When you change a property, the texture builder updates.

    So the bug, in this case, is that the texture builder wasn't updated when loading a preset, which has now been fixed.

    It has been implemented in this way for consistency. Otherwise, the option would be to apply texture builder before scaling, which would make things very weird. Imagine if the character was scaled like maya, for example. Then you'd have to place a radial gradient at the neck area to affect the head, which would make no sense.
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