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4 hands, no feet

So I just ran into a super weird bug, but unfortunately I am not able to reproduce it, neither have I thought of taking screenshots. Basically, I switched from the generic hand model to the hybrid one to see if they fit better, and then switched back to generic hands. Suddenly, the character had both the generic and the hybrid hand model on top of each other. In the character builder menu, the hands selector showed that it was set to generic, when I saw that the feet selector said hybrid hands! And looking at the character, his feet were just gone! After I was done laughing I reloaded the character and everything was back to normal, so not sure what caused this problem.


  • If you did not restart the game since then, there might be a clue in output_log.txt in appdata
  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for the report. I can't do anything without reproducible or output_log however.
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