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Blender assistance

New to the website and I needed some help. I wanted to start making skins, but don't have much experience with blender. I can load the models with no issue but I can't seem to paint them. Any idea why this is, maybe I'm missing something obvious. Any good tutorials or advice is greatly appreciated.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Mixer might be easier to start with.
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    I gotcha, fam!  Although, I may be an amature, I have made texture maps, and like to help out in any way I can.   Since IDK, what the issue is, nor your experience with Blender, we'll take it from the very beginning in 5 steps to the best of my knowledge...  Plus, links to the pictures.

    Step 1:

    With your model, be sure you're in "Edit Mode".  Go at the very top tabs, click on the "UV Editing" tab.  In that panel at the top there's a menu selection that says "Image" click on that.  Go to "Open", find your texture map that you exported from the game that goes with the mesh you exported.  If there is none, then click new.  (If you do make a texture, it's crystal that it's divisible by 256x256, or you can't export it to game.  Also, the higher you go, the more the game must process it, and IDK the limit.  I don't think it necessary to go past 2048x2048, but you do you.)  If it's new, you should see a black square, that's the canvas.  In that same "Image" tab, go to "Save As" and save it any way/where you'd like to save it.  I would name the first one, "Body".

    Step 2:

    Now go to Object Mode and select the model.  In the bottom left window, you should see your properties window.  In that window on the left, it should have some square tabs with pictures, like a wrench, a globe, a camera, etc.  Near the bottom, there should be a sphere with a checkered pattern, that's the "Material Properties" tab.  In that tab at the top, you should see some spheres with names on them, like Material0, Material1, etc... Each of those balls are textures for each part, like hands, body, feet, and legs.  Click on the top one, since that should be the "body" one.

    Step 3:

    At the top, where you clicked the "UV Editing" tab, go down a bit and click the "Shading" tab  Move your mouse into the grid area called the "Shader Editor" and click in that grid area.  Then press "Shift+A"  You should see the "Add" menu option.  Go down to "Texture", then click "Image Texture".
    An orange box will appear.  Drag that box on the left of the green box (You can drag it anywhere, but it'll look better on the right, next to the green box, trust me.)  In that orange box, in the top right corner, there's a yellow dot with the word "Color" next to it, click and drag that yellow dot to the other yellow dot that says "Base Color" in the green box.  You should see a line that links the dots together.
    Now, in the orange box, go to the folder icon, and find the "Body" one and upload it.  Mine says "Untitled" but you get the idea.  You're body should be black.
    At the top right corner in the 3D Viewport You will seee 4 ball symbols, switch to the Viewport shading symbol, that looks like a familar checkered ball.  This will show textures.  You can see the one highlighted in blue.

    Step 4:
    Now, go back to your "Material Properties" tab in Step 2, and click on another sphere that's not black.  You'll have to repeat Steps 1-3 for each material with the proper name for each texture map.  Each material need a different texture map.  Also be warned, other parts, like ears, tail, etc... might be on the same map as the body, so you might have to make a new texture map for that as well.

    Step 5:
    Go to Texture Paint, then go to the right where those tabs with pictures are that I mentioned earlier, and  click on the tab with the screwdriver and wrench at the very top, which is called the "Active Tool And Workspace Settings", from there, that's where you're painting settings are, and enjoy!

    I sure hope that was helpful!  Let me know if there's still snags.  And If anyone here sees anything I missed, please assist!
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