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iDog's Assets Drop (Credit to Dogson)

edited January 2021 in Characters
I plan on unloading more assets, so be aware there will be more.  I may have driven people crazy here, b/c I was going crazy!  Sorry about that!  When your computer is fighting you tooth and nail (in a way, literally)  you tend to go nuts thinking if it's even worth it.  Well I think it was.  Again, there will be more, after I rest a bit!  Let me know if there's any issues, and I will fix them.  Again, after Fraenir, and the Horse (b/c why not)  I shall work on my own assets to give.  This horse model I'm working on will have MUCH to deliver you guys.  I expect this community will put them to good use!

Credit goes to @Dogson for the Ilinir assets.  

P.S. I know I'm asking a bit much, but is it possible for the FurryVNE team, since you guys made a Maya, and a Charlotte, with these assets, could you make an Ilinir?  I don't mind doing it, but I think since it's your models I ask and see if you guys can.


  • Again, as it says on my bio, plz be patient, I'm only 9 yrs. old!
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    After the cloth release has been done and out much of my focus will be on interactions, editing the bodymesh to work 100% since making interactions work will be prioritized.

    Ilinir wil be made at some time, but first off all a robust and fun interactionsystem.
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