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Will the anus be integrated into the body model in the future update?

edited January 21 in Suggestions
I assume that the current vagina model is part of the body model similar to YL1. And the penis or should I say where it connects with the body, albeit separated from the body model, still looks decent. But the separated anus looks like a huge downgrade from YL1. Not only does it looks worse than the anus in the prequel, it doesn't feels as fitted to the body as the current vagina and penis either.

And in case it will not happen, May I ask why? Because considering how well the anus interacts in YL1, it would be a shame not to implement it in YL2.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Funny you brought it up at this time as the anus is something we have been reworking just this week.

    We are not happy with how it looks atm and it's being looked at. I can't promise we'll have something new implemented for this next release, but it will definitely be changes in the future.
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