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Dogson's art odds and ends

DogsonDogson Administrator
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I think this can be a nice starting point at showing what I'm up to during spare time from the characters I do for the app.
I first post them at patreon, but after some time has passed I believe that this forum can see it too. 
It's mostly prototyping and concepting, however if there is a large enough positive feedback, both here and back at our patreon page then there is a good chance that they might make it in to the app in due time.

First out is an itteration I wanted to do for the bunny we already have. But after much of the patreons respond that they wished to keep the old girl, this new girl could exist side by side?

Comments are free and welcomed


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    Next is a tall and slender(is) hare girl that was born from a conversation between Zach and I

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    edited March 2016
    ForgetenTomb talked about a squirrel femboy, that made cogwheels turn in my head and here's the result

    Tried to do boyboobs, perhaps it need more work..

    That's it for this week!

    As I mentioned, comments are free and encouraged.

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    Very cool! As somebody who has been looking into potentially learning 3D art as a hobby, I was just curious about what it takes to create a character like this. What would you say is the easiest, hardest and/or most time taking parts of completing a character? Do you create a 2d version first, or start in 3d? Do you feel as though one should start learning with pen and paper, or can one jump right into a program such as blender to save time in the long run?

    Dogson said: ForgetenTomb talked about a squirrel femboy, that made cogwheels turn in my head and here's the result
    For what its worth, this certainly has my vote for making it into the app!
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    Considering femboys are coming soon, are you exploring the idea of a shemale/futanari character? Maybe connected to breast inflation (that goes from a flat-chested femboy to a sizable bust).
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    Hey SpaceRock, 

    Thanks, and to answer your questions: There's several ways that you can build up your character. The most popular way to do it is through a sculpting program such as zbrush and/or 3DCoat, there's also Sculptris, and I've heard that the sculpting tools in Blender may not be spectacular, but they are sufficient. 

    The thing I still feel is the hardest part is to nail the face. Mostly because since you are working with three dimensions, you will always have to rotate, pan and zoom at various angles to see what works will work, something that works in the profile might not work out that well in front view. One other problem with the face is that since it is anthro, it is a fantasy-character that has never existed, and probably never will that you'll be making and there will be no accurate backup of what looks correct and good that artist usually have in Anatomy references.

    This fact has usually led me to take a lot of input and critique with a pinch of salt when others are commenting on how an anthros head should look like since it's rather like a blind-leading-a-blind-scenario.It's extremely subjective. I guess what you should go for is "balance"

    The body once you've gone down the route that I have done and realized that making them too stylized is really as bad as making they too realistic (once again, balance) is actually much more easier then doing the faces since you can use anatomy-references more accurately, or just shut of any doubt you have and eyeball those references and you should soon enough be sculpting good looking bodies. So this is the more easier part, I think going forward from here. 

    I'd actually recommend you to start sketching out, practice and build up something that is called artistic instinct so that you'll with time be more able to know what looks off and what looks good. But, of course, that shouldn't stop you from jumping in to the various sculpting-programs and just try out, fall and get hurt and get up again, that's how we as humans learn the most effectively. I usually paint silhouettes that I use as references before I start sculpting. 

    If you are a novice in 3d, there will be no such thing as "saving time" there will be a lot of practice, and persistence in improving your craft. There's been much talk about how a person must have talent in order to become a good artist. Something I've always felt missing from that equation is persistence and patience. Talent is always a good boost, but as I've realized a long time ago in setting up goals in life, the long-distance runner will always get there with the usage of persistence and patience.

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    Honestly I'd rather see a female Squirrel, but I guess a femboy would do just fine.  Or perhaps a female Skunk.  
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
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    In time if the femboy squirrel will prove popular, there certainly will be a female/male put in there.

    As I remeber, Female Skunk didn't get a whole lot of love at the polls we had, but that may also happen.
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    Honestly, i prefer keeping the actual bunny model (and please, keep her in the app). I love her body (my fetish) and how her boobs and ass shake when you move her. But; it would be great adding the itteration as a new character. 
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    They all look great!
    Regarding the hair on the hare (Ha! See what I did there), the hair is awesome, but I think that there might be a lot of clipping issues, due to the size.
    Personally, I'm not into femboys and shemales, but the squirrel looks hot and I would really like to see a pure female version.
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    Honestly I was wanting to submit a female squirrel reference, but if there's already a model in the making, then I guess I'll just do something else, like a female red panda or something.

    Just as soon as I learn how to draw and upload shit.  
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    Absolutely love both of the models, amazing job Dogson!
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    I love them too i really do  :)
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