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Renamon - (Fem/Trans)

Not sure of what to write here...
Just wanted to make Renamon as my first character, that tick bruh who got me into this.
It took me some time to realise there was a Draw Calls limit so i had to remove many details like her cheeks fur, some can still be enabled such as toenails...

All assets were made cheaply in minutes like fingernails or inspired by figurines like her gloves? and her neck fur
Saddly i no longer have access the Patreon account that i stolen from my cheapskate roommate that stills owes me a burger...
So feel free to post it in-game yourself

Happy Fapping!
Download Link:


  • odesodes Administrator
    Cool character, but why not share on the cloud?
  • I used to rule the world own a copy of FVNE, but like i said,
    Saddly i no longer have access the Patreon account that i stolen from my cheapskate roommate that stills owes me a burger...
    I don't have a Patreon account, so i used my friend's account instead with his consent, after i had stolen it but since dollar's price went from meh to really expensive during the pandemy, we had to cut down costs, mainly things that charged foreign currencies

    I made this a while ago (it may even break in newer versions) as an excuse to use blender not my proudest reasons, but damn it was worth it, then i saw this laying around on a folder and since i don't think i can post without an active patreon account, i ended up posting it here so the community can use it and learn some tricks like how i did to make her gloves elbows looks convincing enough.
  • odesodes Administrator
    You don't need to have a pledge to share characters. You can use any patreon account.
  • Thanks for the hint! I'll try to create an account, login and open the app on a browser and post it, i can't grant it will work properly as it was probably made on an older version of FVNE.
  • How do i install and use it in the program?
  • edited April 8
    Unless i'm just new to this and don't understand this all that well... there is no textures or files that would allow this character to be placed inside the game, it's just simply the file itself and I aint aware of where you put a yl2c file inside a game that only seems to use .png's as a reference for the textures... do you by chance have said texture(s)?
  • Also I was not here during earlier stages, so unless the earlier states of the game did not require the PNG and instead could of used the character files... I apologize on that. But if not, is there by chance a way for myself to find the PNG(s) to be able to get closer to making it work?
  • KingsTalon, something tells me that you're thinking this is a Yiffalicious skin. This is a character for Yiffalicious 2/FurryVNE. It is not compatible with the original Yiffalicious.
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