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[Wolf] Masculine Fox

edited March 2021 in Custom skins
NOTE: I do NOT take requests and my decision may or may not change in the future.

Hey you! Yes you the sulking looking person in the back there! You tired of the femboy looking fox? Want a more masculine looking fox? If all those are a yes, well you're in luck because I made a fox skin for Wolf!

I wanted a more masculine fox for a while now and no one had made one yet as far as I seen. So I decided to take the task of creating this skin for Wolf, using Jastrow_Illusion's Red Wolf ( mod's body skin as a base, (and shaft skin to make it look better, default still looks almost just as good), and it took a couple hours with some testing here and there to test it out. So here it is and it looks very good! I'm not a good designer but I do the best I can within Photoshop. Feel free to also improve this and use this as a base too for your Nick Wilde's, Fox Mccloud's, or whoever else is a fox and is masculine! :D I may or may not do some more skins in the future but we'll see what the future has in store for me here.

Download Link:

EDIT: I changed the tail quite a bit to look better than it initially did, fixed the chin (and made the black lines on the muzzle more blurry looking), and made the girth part of the balls blend in more with the belly.

v1.1 Download Link:
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