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[Issue] New Heads + M_Muscular + FurAuthor + Breasts = odd fur around the neck

First off, thank you for the new update, il post a more indepth critique in my main thread or a new one.

Basically the title.

My tiger character finally has a proper head, she looks better, but as soon as I put her in pose mode, this happens. It grows and bounces with the breasts for some odd reason. Tried putting it in a blank character and its consistent.

Other body types dont seem to have this issue, but I do see slight movement to the fur around the same areas of the neck. Very slight but its there. I suppouse the combination of M_muscular and BigFeline or Snake heads has something odd in the ends of the neck.

I would say the culprit is M_muscular to a degree, but mostly the new heads.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for pointing that issue out. This has been fixed and will be part of a patch release.

    I'll probably let things buffer for a while in case more issues turn up.

    Can't wait to hear your opinion on the new release!
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