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Bugged custom asset import

edited April 4 in Issues
I made a video since  it's impossible to explain this.
I hope my character save is not corrupted.


  • A little update it happens only when there are custom obj loaded into a character.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for reporting on this.

    Can you share the character file and the custom asset with me?
  • edited April 4
    Here character and all custom obj, also i found that it happens in all characters that i load custom obj into, if i open a character  from the cloud that has custom parts everything is ok, but if i try to load obj into it it brakes.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I'm not able to access the contents on that link. It says I have to request access.
  • Sorry about that, I fixed the permissions, try now.
  • odesodes Administrator
    Tail is empty, that's why this is happening. More objs may be invalid.

    I've added more checks to custom import to prevent it from importing invalid assets.

    Model browser won't bug out anymore if there is an invalid model.

    Thanks for raising awareness of these problems.
  • by invalid model you mean its not fully enclosed ?
  • odesodes Administrator
    By invalid I mean a model with no model information. The tail.obj has no mesh data in it whatsoever.

    # Blender v2.81 (sub 16) OBJ File: 'Pierecings.blend'
    mtllib Tail.mtl
  • Curious I wonder what happened, thank you for the info.
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