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Taking Screenshots is a bit of a gamble now

edited April 2021 in Suggestions
So you guys removed the Cropping tool for screenshots.
You guys detected some kind of Colour Degredation
What ive detected is that, since it no longer is SuperResolution it got blurry if you cropped too small.

Now, I think it is much harder to take good screenshots, of course we no longer are able to make the mistake of blurring our image by cropping them too small (Something I mostly avoided doing). But now I feel very aimless as to how I would want the screenshot to look. Moving the camera little by little, shifting the perspective by too much just to have the image be as good as possible, and I only get to preview the screenshot by hovering the mouse over the little icon. Not really a good representation of if it will be a good one once uploaded.

I ask if there could be any indicator as to what we are taking screenshot of so that it is easier to adjust our camera and spacing for the best possible screen we can make. The composition/Representation to me is more important than the colour degradation.

But overall, good job on the constant bug fixes, I feel late to the party on the latest fixes, but this change was almost unnecessary.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for raising these concerns.

    I'm thinking of a "camera shot" mode where you take screenshots as through the viewpoint of a camera, with crosshair and highlighted area where the final shot will be, plus extra settings like being able to control FOV.
  • That would be awesome! Its all that I need, just a little guidance ;)
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