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Hello devs! first what I want to say to you its that I love you for the work you put In YF and YF2 you really do what we really want! and also give us a lot freedom yes I speak about YF1 now you want give us MORE freedom and even better game! keep doing this!

It has been long time ago when I last time post here single comment,but its time to ask you how dose this game look? do already patrons get the RIGHT relase?(yes Im ask about sex) Im considering to be a patron but I want to know where is this game now and when I can expect what I ask before If It was not implemented yet!

Yes I understand If you give us what we want you may be not able to finish this game cause ppl just stop support you becuse they got what they want.

Good luck and wish you so many fucking $$$$ and ofc health! stay safe with family <3 


  • odesodes Administrator
    Hi there Windfaker!

    Thank you!

    YL2 or FurryVNE as it's called right now doesn't have animations implemented yet. We have 1 more major release for the character creator before moving onto that!

    How long it will take only time will tell, as we have many things we want to try and experiment with, and depending on how successful we are in these things will determine the amount of time it takes. But animations is 100% focus after the next major release.

    Hope that sheds some light.

    All the best.
    - odes
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