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Yiffalicious public build 0.1f

odesodes Administrator
edited July 2015 in Announcements
Download here:

PATCH NOTES 0.1f (2015-06-28)

  • New features
    • You can now view a specific author's interactions.
      • Simply right click an interaction in the browser, and select "More by this author".
    • You can also delete your own uploaded interactions.
      • Right click one of them and select "Delete".
    • When saving an interaction with snapshots, the app will ask if you want to apply the first snapshot's values.
  • Improvements
    • The first snapshot is now auto-played.
    • The horse now has more circles. You can for example parent the hand to the dick.
    • You can now reset a snapshot by right clicking it and selecting "Reset to current".
    • You can now load local interactions through "Menu > Load interaction".
    • A "clear" button has been added to search input.
    • If Yiffalicious is unable to access the internet, a help dialog will appear.
    • Added info message when selecting MOVE or ROTATE tool, which informs the user of the Left Shift functionality.
  • Bug fixes
    • Transitions are no longer played in edit mode.
    • Transition duration is now properly saved.
    • Cum delay is now properly saved.
    • When loading or saving a local interaction, the save dialog is updated to the current file's name.
    • Fixed issue which caused the interface to hide when pressing the H-key while publishing a pose.
    • Fixed issue with Giraffe skinning which caused sharp edge near chest area.
    • Help buttons are no longer drawn over menu items.
      • (Happened on very low resolutions)
    • Horse skin name fix
      • Light -> Dark
      • Dark -> Light
    • Text doesn't wrap improperly anymore when hovering an interaction.
  • Other
    • Added "Available positions" to menu.
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