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exporting character model .obj with nipples for garment binding

Hello! is there an option to export the character models with nipples in order to make more sheer/form hugging clothes?


  • odesodes Administrator
    Currently, nipples and areola is done in shader through texture (VDM projection). However, we're reworking this to be real geometry. So in the future, you will be able to, but it's currently not possible since the shape lies in shader and not in geometry.
  • One way to do it is to make the nipples flat so they won't poke through. The other one is to make the clothing bigger at the nipple area and adjust nipple size later.

    The way I like to do it is with this basic orb shape. I add a orb part and use it to cover the nipple and areola if puffy. After I have exported the model the nipples are gone but the overlayed orbs are still there. Then it is just the matter of modeling.
  • good idea! thank you!
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