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[Cloud Issue] Cannot see Spyro-Dragons character list

Clicking on his character number

Will not yield his list of characters. At least, not for me.
He has made some cool characters with good effort, especially his Spyro and I think his characters deserve to be seen.

Besides, nobody should have this bug happen to them.

Im going to make a guess as to why it happens. His name confuses the Search because of the line in the name "author:Spyro-Dragon". Or maybe not? I dont know. YOU FIGURE IT OUT >:(


  • odesodes Administrator
    Thanks for bringing this up. This was already fixed on dev-server some weeks ago, but not yet deployed as there are other changes that aren't ready to go live.

    Hopefully we should be able to have the fix out for the next major release.

    Thanks again for bringing this up.
  • Cool! Thanks for the heads up!
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