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a package of clothes that you can send me/un paquete de ropa que me puedan enviar

edited June 2021 in Issues
Hola, soy nuevo en la página y me gustaría que me ayudaras un poco

Estoy usando el programa por poco tiempo y he estado buscando paquetes de ropa para el programa, no soy bueno haciendo modelos de ropa y me gustaría que alguien me enviara enlaces de diferentes tipos de ropa y cómo colocarlos. para usarlos. Te agradecería una cantidad si me ayudas

hola, soy nuevo en la pagina y me gustaría que me ayuden un poco

e esta usando el programa durante un corto tiempo e estado buscando paquetes de ropa para el programa, no soy para nada bueno haciendo modelos de la ropa y me gustaría que alguien me pueda enviar enlaces de diferentes tipos de ropa y de como colocarlos para usarlos se lo agradecería un monto si me ayuda


  • It would appear you forgot to run that first part through translation before posting. Might want to edit your post to fix that.

    The clothing feature is fairly new, so there’s not all that many things ready for it yet, and most of them haven’t been posted for easy downloading yet. Hell, I’ve got a few things in the pipeline that I just haven’t had the time to properly finalize, myself. Then there’s the problem that since garments are currently tailor-made to a given character, you can’t simply load a garment and have it work perfectly with another character (unless said two characters have very similar bodytypes) out of the box; it needs to be adapted to it in an external 3D editor. Should be fairly simple in most cases, depending on how form-fitting you want the clothes to be, but will still require you to know some of the basics of editing meshes.

    Hey @odes, here’s an idea for the future; you know how other character creators that feature bone editing have the garments follow deformations while editing? Might be worth investigating if it would be possible for us users to achieve a similar effect for custom garments somehow, maybe by letting us define the skinning weighting based on a sample skeleton that corresponds to the default blank template character, which the editor can then interpret and deform appropriately when editing the bones. Would make it possible for the generous contributors who are willing to put in the time and effort to tweak them to make such deformable clothes for other creators to adapt for use without much hassle, which would be very handy for those who lack technical know-how of 3D editing and for those who want to do rapid prototyping of a character concept before moving on to customizing it externally.

    I’ve actually been bouncing the idea for making a bunch of basic template garments around my noggin’ for a while now, as I’m finding that while making individual pieces of it is simple enough, a whole costume (plus custom body parts, naturally) for a character is a serious production bottleneck that’s ensuring I end up with a bunch of half-finished stuff and the next step (like texturing the bloody things) becomes a discouragingly large undertaking. Probably it’s largely just down to me using inefficient methods of working due to inexperience, though. Besides that, there’s plenty of opportunities for interesting fun with unconventional, "furgonomic" designs there, like digitigrade boots, jackets with holes for wings, pants with a tail-sleeve, horn jewelry, etc. that I’m just dying to take a stab at but find it a bit hard to justify working on for lack of an appropriate (read: quick and easy to produce) character concept to use them with, especially when I still have other characters stuck in production.

    So tell you what, @Diegomega123, if you tell me what you’ve got in mind, I can try making it. Hell, anyone reading this can suggest stuff, too. Will make for a good opportunity to practice things while making a useful contribution rather than adding to my worryingly large pile of works-in-progress that are languishing in development hell for one reason or another.

  • odesodes Administrator

    afaik, as long as the cloth has been bound to the body, you'd be able to have it follow the body even as you edit bones/shapes etc. However, the further away from the initial shape you go, the greater the risk of undesired deformation in the clothing.
  • @odes

    Well, there I go running my mouth without testing things out again. Will keep that in mind and try to make a version compatible with the default template character of any clothing I end up finishing. Might have to see about making a guide on how to adapt it further if a character proves too extreme for that to handle, though. Too bad I still haven't made the jump from 3DsMax to Blender, so I might not be the best person for that particular job.

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