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Mayby Centaurbody

Would be Taur modification in the future possible?


  • edited June 2021
    Maybe not only Taurs, but in general other skeleton types other than bipeds?

    I think this is currently the biggest limitation of the character creator people try to circumvent with workarounds and custom assets
  • Judging by how complex the skeletal structures are of the characters already in game that's a tall order to fill i'd guess...Still i'd also like a taur body to be in the game as well, means a lot more to work with than just bipedal characters.
  • Odes has said there's plans to make it possible to do custom rigs on imported parts. Remains to be seen exactly what form it will take (as I'm presuming it's mostly intended for use with tails and other single-limb bits and pieces) but if it's complex enough to have multiple bone chains in one mesh, it should be possible to fix up a taur body configuration, with some elbow grease and determination. It'd be a relatively simple matter of acquiring an animalistic lower body (either by modelling it oneself or just pilfering an animal mesh off the internet and removing the head), fixing up a transparent texture to hide the character's native legs, fitting the two parts together and once properly rigged, which would probably be the hard part, defining some bone parenting between part and character so it all moves as intended.

    In the meantime, since we can't animate inside the app yet anyhow, you could do a similar thing with external software like Blender; get a rigged animal mesh, remove head, fit to an exported FVNE mesh, pose as desired, import posed mesh(es) into FVNE (should be pretty much already fit to native mesh if done correctly) and you're good to go. Note, however, that this method will likely have compatibility issues with whatever animation system we'll be getting for the interactions, so don't waste too much effort on modelling and rigging a taur body yourself before you know exactly what it will need to function right in the app.

    Also, how genital interactions are going to work on a theoretical taur body configuration is a big question mark, since we don't even know anything in detail about the plans for the regular genitals yet. I'm guessing, however, that some clever workarounds, à la some of the more creative tricks utilizing invisible characters that Yiffalicious creators have used for their scenes, are going to be possible, especially if we can also make custom dildos and sleeves.
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