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Congratulations and a quick question for the creators

First off, to the Furry VNE team, WOW just absolutely stunning work that you have done, I am blown away by what you have been able to accomplish and I can't wait to see where it goes! This software truly is incredible with how it is able to bring anthropomorphic animals to life and encourage the community to bring their own fursonas into the game.

Second, I have heard of YL2 but mainly see FurryVNE, is it a different name related to the same program or is there a coming interactions option that will truly make this YL2? If that is the case, from what I have been able to gather we will be able to import our custom characters into the game, correct? and finally the last update I could find from an admin on the forums (with regards to the interactions option) was that it was on the list of things to do but hadn't really been worked on as you wanted to finalize the character creation part, that was back in 2020, is there any update as of current? I am not pushing for it or saying you are taking too long (for god's sake you have done more than I could do in a lifetime) but I am excited for the pending release.

Thanks for your input and amazing work again,
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