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will be herms (my english is bad)

edited July 2021 in Suggestions
will herms be added to furryvne or not?
this is where a woman has all the genitals


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  • odesodes Administrator
    It will very likely be added eventually yes.
  • @odes
    I've been wondering about this myself. I'd imagine you'd want to have the option ready to go by the time interactions go live, but I could also see you wanting to get things working right for both types of genitals separately before you try to mash them together on a single character.

    How about also making the exact opposite of no genitals an option as well? I know you've already got that working for internal testing, so should be easy enough to make it available for the end user, right? Believe it or not, featureless crotches are a fetish with a fair bit of interest going for them, as well as generally being useful for SFW-ish purposes.
  • odesodes Administrator
    I have a philosophy of trying to do one thing at the time and do it good, rather trying to do everything at once. At this point we don't know how penetration mechanics is going to work exactly. We have ideas how to improve and implement it, but how all that turns out only time will tell. Since a herm arguably will be the most challenging type of character to implement in regards to penetration, it makes sense we do it last learning from the lessons of female and male characters.

    Also, we don't even have proper shaft dynamics implemented yet. It makes sense to do that before starting with herm, too.

    The reasoning behind not implementing herm now is simply that we don't want to promise too much, since anything we implement now might have to change drastically in the future since there are so many unknowns connected to herms atm.

    As for genderless characters, I believe you'll find our next release quite up to your request. :)
  • @odes
    Good to hear, more options is always better.

    Yeah, makes more sense to save proper herm integration for later. In the meantime, I'm sure we can get by with some parts and garments trickery if we absolutely, positively need to have all the genitals on the same crotch.
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