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New Furry VNE update

So, the long-awaited update has finally arrived and with it some major changes to the game.
  • The reworked UI is so much simpler than the older one but takes some time to get used to.
  • The custom offset, reworking the base mesh for your heart's content.
  • The new Akari fox, and her tight shirt and her unreasonably puffy vagina.
Just to name some more meaningful features for me, but there was one serious downgrade I simply cannot ignore.

New areola and nipple system

Yeah, I know nobody likes the squeaky wheel but I rather bring this up sooner than later. The new areola and nipple system is considerably lacking when compared to the old one.

Old areola and nipple system
  • Areola and nipple can be curve edited separately
  • Areola size and puffiness could be edited separately
  • Nipple size could be edited separately
  • Limited placement of the areola and nipple
  • Areola and nipple are not included while exporting a base mesh
New areola and nipple system
  • Areola and nipple are curve edited together
  • Areola and nipple size can be edited
  • Generous placement of areola-nipple
  • Can be exported to blender
The old system offered a great many possibilities for both nipple and areola like editing general shape and size. The new one offers more nipple models and size slider but the areola is pretty much a flat disk hugging the boob. Yes, you can locate said disk to almost anywhere around the boob, even 10 cm above if that is your kink. Of course, you can actually import to blender with the new system, sculpt it to your liking and make clothes around it. This is all fine and dandy, but it's not in the game but in blender. I do not know about others but for me, that sounds counter-intuitive.

I really REALLY liked the old system, with all its flaws, for all the customizations that were given in the game. And I take little pride in the method with how one could bring the old nipple and areola shape to blender. You had to jump some hoops but it was possible. The new one is just not doing it for me.

The reason I'm writing about this is that there really is no other NSFW character creator that did nipple and areola customization as good as Furry VNE. It is a huge selling point for me and to see it downgraded makes me uneasy. I understand the reasons why the change was made but it does not change the loss of options in the base game.

Rant over, have a funny picture:

I would like to hear what other people think about this.


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    Hey, those are some great criticisms. Although, I dont find it to be that damning. But there are areas in which ide prefer the old nipple systems as well.

    For example, certain exaggerations was better done on the old system. Hugeness and certain sliders. The areola area itself (Not exactly the nipple knob) was easier done to be big and tall than it is on the new one. Although, I havent come across a big gaping hole that the new system has given me just yet to really damn the new system.

    If there would be any suggestion. Ide call for both versions to exist in a toggle. The new one is def better for clothed characters tho. It makes it all more seamless.
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    Eeeeyy, im back!

    And I have some good news for you.
    It is possible to make your own Nipples, and the effect of that is absolutely great.

    I think the built in nipples are giving a bad impression, for me it was the big disks. However, only nipple1 utilized the disks properly. So I asked the devs "How make nipple" They said "Become god" and so I became god. Here is how you can too!

    Just out of decency, im making this quick tutorial for as low skill level as possible incase blender scrubs like me come by.

    Step 1. Get blender
    Step 1.2 Upper left [Edit]>[Preferences] New windows pops up, click Instal, find the plugin file and add that. Find the file in the window and see if it is enabled. Restart blender.

    Step 2. Delete Cube

    Step 3. Click add (Upper left)

    Step 4. Add-Mesh-Circle

    Step 5. When you add the circle, there will be a new thing on the lower left labled [circle], click it to bring this window up and add in the settings (Triangle fan is the only important setting imo).

    Step 6. Go into Modeling

    Step 7. Select all vertices with hotkey A

    Step 8. Right click, subdivide a bunch of times.

    Step 9. Go back into Layout mode (Same as selecting modeling mode), click the circle, right click, and select [Shade Smooth].

    Step 10. go into Sculpting mode.

    Step 11. Make nipple using sculpt tools (I recommend symmetry on all sides [xyz] to get the base shape first, and gradually turn those down as you go into more asymetric details)

    Step 11. I sometimes like to add more triangles or whatever to areas that will need more details. Select an area in Modeling mode with hotkey C that lets you paint a selection. When selected, Right click into Subdivide some more.

    Step 12. Nipple

    Step 13. Ok this is important

    Go into Layout mode, click your nipple, on the right hand find a wrench and click it, Add Modifier, Add Decimate. And turn the slider down until you have a satisfactory number of Tris (Which should be very low) and satisfactory enough looking nipple. APPLY the Decimate modifier when happy.

    Step 14. Have the Nipple selected, Click on 3 dotted triangle thingy and export CLOTHING.

    Step 15. Go to FVNE, to your character, IMPORT CLOTHING. Find the nipple, add it, you should now be able to use the nipple on the character.

    I advise to use as much of the circular platform as possible, for either just the Nipp of the nipple, or the Areola AND Nipp. If it goes unused, you may have limitations with sizing the nipple on a character, creating unwanted artifacts because the disk out reaches the nipple area border, resulting in you having to settle for a smaller nipple. So just use the entire circle.

    Just so you know, as soon as I got this working, Ive come to prefer this over the old system. My nippleydoos arent the best but so far, it is very easy to make one for each character. So, once you get comfortable with the sculpting tools, you should be able to make some great chest buttons for a character.
  • Thank you for all these presets and instructions. I actually did create my own nipples and in completely different way as usual. I started with ball, cut the desider dome shape for areola and in edit mode erected the nipple. After that just export cloth and add it to the game. My versions are way more simplistic so I may start to use the method you so kindly provided.

    Now that I have tried and succeeded with modest results, I can say that the new system much more versatile and as more people create their own versions, there will be way more than the old system could ever provide.
    I was a bit too harsh for the new system but some of my points still stand. If someone completely new wants to create characters, has no experience or desire to learn blender and want to make it completely original. Then your are stuck with the vanilla settings.

    Of course the strength of the FurryVNE is the community and their creations. People create parts and assets for everyone to use as one seems appropriate. For this reason it would be good to have some sort of repository for nipples, custom offsets, penises(?), and other assets that can be used in other characters creation.

    The new system still has couple of issues, mainly one less clothing slots and triangle limit, but I'm sure that those will be addressed one way or another.

    The more I use the new system, more I realise how uneducated my first impression was. I may delete the original rant since it is rather obsolete. It is better if you make completely separate post for the nipple tutorial so others can easily find it.
  • Keep it as a recording of how you changed opinions :P But to make you feel any better, I felt the exact same way. Its just that the difference between us at least is that I was optimistic, but I still understood your plight.

    Until I made my own nipple obviously.
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    Holy shit, that's some awesome sauce @Craket! good job on this one!

    I also felt like @Static_snowflake that the new system is way weaker than the old but sharing is caring and that is what makes us extremely powerful. Of course newcomers won't have it that easy but maybe if @Dogson can provide like two or three new vanilla nipple models for those who don't want to create their own were good to go.
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