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Fur authoring doesn't work on mirrored "sub-parts"

Ok, this one is a bit strange. I found it quite a while ago, but since I wasn't running the latest version of VNE I thought maybe it is already fixed but it seemed not like that.

Let me explain:

Add a part to your character, then add a part to the first part (ears and ear-fluff in my example here).
Now, if you enable fur authoring only the original ear fluff will feature the fur, the mirrored one isn't effected at all.

of course you can bypass that by creating a ear-fluff on it's own, but since now we can pose ears individually via the new pose mode features it would be great if the fluff linked directly to the ears could have correct displayed fur.

This can be reproduced with any character I've seen so far and in this example I just took a blank character, added the first ears I've found and just colored the parts so we can see better.


  • odesodes Administrator
    Nice find, fixed for patch release.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work...or something like that ;)
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