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Why do sharp shapes change to a smooth shape or bloat when bound to a character?

This one is old as time itself but I never brought it up until now because it starts to pick on me lately a lot.

The problem is that if you have,  for example, some kind of jewellery that you want to hang your local dragoness around the neck like so(early WiP, you'll see why i didn't continued):

And your mesh features sharp edges or is shaded flat inside blender and you click bind this is what it looks like:

Preeeety strange behavior of the mesh if you ask me. Here's one shot from the mesh version inside furryVNE:

So, if unbound it looks like in the first picture but when you bind it to the body it changes so drastically that this concept of simple forms won't work.

Also furryVNE's display of the mesh triangles is completely different to what I have in blender:

I took the bass guitar I made lately for Cassidy and shaded it smooth because that would obviously look a lot better inside blender but if you bring it up to furryVNE it looks like that:

So I changed it back into an .obj and added it as a part with flat shading. This sucks quite a bit since the corpus looks really wonky on his edges. On the tuning keys you can count every single face but it's better than this one...

You want more? 
Tallulah's necklace suffers the same way as Michelle's collar:

Original form:                                                 after binding process:

Or the zipper pieces on every jacket! The collars on said jackets also seem to blow up like balloons which makes it extremely difficult to place assets on them.

In this case you can tell before binding that the buttons hover above the actual jacket but after binding they are more or less where they should be. Finding the right distance is quite the gamble tough...

You can check all those issues except Aurelia's necklace (just a demo, I can send you the files if needed) inside furryVNE.

@odes maybe you can help me out on this one? Can you explain to me why the mesh behaves like that or how to prevent it from happening. Maybe it is a bug that can be fixed?
Grateful for any of your help.



  • I think this could be the phong tessellation. It inflates objects to make look more rounded. It can be changed from objects or clothings material settings.
  • edited August 2021
    Ok that helps on the guitar since it is a .obj based part but for garments it won't do the trick. Of course the jackets do look better now, but for the changes yet:

    But thanks for the help ;) thats one step in the right direction!
  • odesodes Administrator
    The real time normal computer does not consider sharp. It averages all normals.

    For parts you can disable tessellation on the model to remove the weird balloon effect.

    For garments there is no work-around atm since they depend on the real time normal computer.
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