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Exporting as FBX for use in Other Programs

As of right now YL2 isn't anything more than a standalone character creator, and though you can pose and capture your poses, it is fairly limited due to having little to no control over anything but the character's pose (with the exception of choosing between 10 different scenes). As someone who uses Blender a lot I would love to be able to make a character in YL2 and then use that character for animations in Blender.

Though you can export the model as an OBJ file you wont be able to use the armature that is used in YL2 nor can you export your posed character. Being able to export as an FBX will save a lot of time from having to re-rig the model in blender and more reliable than any auto Rigger or anyone who isn't the best at rigging (Such as myself). I feel like this simple addition (or I assume, I don't know how easy it really is to add) will help turn this standalone character creator into a very useful tool that many 3d artists in the furry community can use.


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