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Thickness Mask Prevents Fur On Load

I noticed that one of the default masks you can use is Thickness. I admit, I'm not entirely sure what this was INTENDED to be used for, but I found that it works as a pretty decent starting point for a fur mask.

Except that for some reason, if you use the Thickness mask as the fur mask, the fur doesn't appear on load until you click on the Thickness mask and highlight it in the Outliner first. This also happens if you use an Operation mask that includes the Thickness mask.

Obviously not a majorly important issue, I just thought it was strange.

Output Log:


  • odesodes Administrator
    Good find, fixed for patch release.
  • That is a good question, what IS a thickness MASK? Is that in of itself a bug?
  • odesodes Administrator
    It's the equivalent of baking the thickness of a mesh to a texture. It's mostly residue at this point.
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