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Custo textures for nipples

Hey there i noticed today that there is no way to add custom texture to nipples.
If I load them as clothing i can add custom textures, but in nipple form I can only add basic color.
I's there a way to add custom textures to nipples?


  • What kind of texture you thinking of? Cus I cant imagine anything more than what already exists. With a little clever use of masking, you can pretty much texture up a nipple. They also have their own specific Normal maps that you can put on if you know how that works.
  • edited October 2021
    Where can these normal maps be found?
  • @mobiusscarf there are no normal maps made for the nipples, you have to make them yourself. Sorry for the confusion.

    I was referring to how nipples have the option to have normal maps put on them.
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