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How to Use Exported Textures in Blender/Unity

It seems that the way that textures export from FVNE has changed in the most recent version. The primary mesh textures have changed a great deal, and now the eye textures are also included. This seems to suggest that we could at this point recreate a relatively close approximation of the character's texture in Blender or Unity, but it's not clear how these textures are supposed to fit together, particularly the new eye textures. The iris alone has four different texture images.

Could there be some kind of basic guide just saying where the tga files should be plugged into Blender or Unity in order to see how they all come together?


  • That would be useful, but with proper 3d knowledge you should be able to make do without such guide. Most of the things aren't procedural and so they're exported to industry standard normal maps etc and all the usual types of textures you would typically need. And for the procedural things, blender is really good in it's shader editor.
    The bigger problem is with the rigs, but there's already a suggestion by MoorsheadFalling here ->
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