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Vera the Vixen

Work in progress updating my vixen character. I still have to reduce the triangles on the clothes using @Blacky 's tutorial. Here she is so far...


  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Cute, good job on her!
  • Sweet, nice job on those garments :D !
    I have found a little something that tends to happen to my charactes a lot as well and since @Dogson is already here let's discuss this issue:

    It's quite obvious, the inside layer is piercing through the outside causing this effect (because of the thickness given to the garment or the distance the garment has to the initial body shape while posing the character).

    In order to prevent this I started to do garments only paper thin, meaning I stopped to solidify clothes in general but only cutting out the collar of a blouse or jacket, solidify that part and joined it back in on the jacket or whatever thing you're doing (this is also the reason why I can stay within triangle limits with tree layers of clothes active on my characters).

    HOWEVER this issue really bugs me out!

    I would love to do solidified clothes since they look way better. Faking the effect is kind of hard or takes a lot of time to do (solidify everything, then delete all inner faces or extrude along the boarders)

    So long story short @odes and @Dogson : Is there a way to make solidified garments that won't pierce itself while posing the character or especially @Dogson how do you create your garment?

    I loaded Akari and from what I can see there is that you also used paper thin garments without solidifying those (It seems that the normals on the collar are reversed, or why does it look

    Now in comparison Viola's garments are eeextremely stable:

    You can do pretty much everything with them and there won't be any clipping at all despite the fact that they are solidified. Is it really only because Viola's garments are so tightly bound to her body that they follow along every move without deforming or what's the thing here?

    Cheers and keep up the awesome work folks! :D

  • odesodes Administrator
    edited October 2021

    Go to shader settings and set culling mode to back.
  • The more you know...I only used back face culling on transparent garments but never considered to do so on regular ones. Thanks a lot! ;)
  • What does the culling do exactly?
  • edited January 2022
    I've been working on Vera quite a bit, and had a thought to change her to a darker skin tone, to match her dark lips. What do you think? Images below for comparison.

       image host image host image host image host
  • 100% improvement from what I can see here ;)
    I really like the new look!
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