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edited January 2022 in Custom skins
These skins are remakes of popular skins that have fallen off the radar or were requests by others.

Maria Demon Goat Queen


Nika Futa

All works are derivatives by me and are not allowed to be used for reproduced works such as movies or comic strips.
ALL OC's are free to use, rip the normals, textures, use them in you cereal, I dont care!

OC "Copperhead"
V1.1 fixed teeth, normals, etc. this is "final" unless I decide to do the wings,eyes,hair




  • you should post pics of what they look like so people can get a look at them before downloading
  • edited December 2021
    Ermahgerd ok gimmie a minute..
  • Interested in remaking this skin for Elaine?
  • Actually that was on my personal list so, yes.
    I will contact the original author first and see if they are still kicking around and if failing that, then I will release it.

    I should actually be releasing some OC's soon as well, nothing major just playing around with Substance a bit trying not to butcher anything too terribly.

    Im working on a deer skin for foxy atm.

  • very nice work, was looking for that nika, thanks.
  • Cool! In fact I was trying to remake that skin as well the day before you posted. But later I got too perfectionist like wanting to retain the fur texture, adding details and my lack of experience at texturing non-rigid stuffs so at the end I got bored and dropped it. Was fun messing with blender tho.
  • edited December 2021
    @divinedrop and I love your animations so it's win-win.
    Any other skins you want just ask.

    @mars I don't use blender anymore, I used to do gimp, blender and nifskope, but now I just use substance painter, you will still occasionally need blender, but not so much. I hear good things about Krita also. Blender and Gimp both while extremely powerful, are not really ready to do much out of the box. You spend alot of time gathering plug-ins and materials downloads etc to get them both in a functional state. Even then they are clunky to use. Substance just works better, there are things a person can't do with it, but, at the point you hit those limits you'll have solutions for them anyways.

    ATM I'm just vandalizing 3d models with an air brush but the copperhead and diamond back skins I'm working on will use actual patterns and textures. I'm currently working on 4 or 5 ilnir skins, 1 Elaine, 1 foxy and I'd like to do something with Charlotte and horse but haven't gotten to them quite yet.
  • im deadass excited to see what you do, feels good to have a homie on our side main good skins
  • edited December 2021
    I'm baking textures for copperhead v1 right now, should be up in a few mins

    V1 the wings are shitty, I'll fix them when I get time.
    I reccomend the hellspawn skin for ilnir that has the demon eyes, those too ill get in when i get time
  • edited December 2021
    Remake of anubian original by Zagalakk.

    Elaine Dark hair, can be used for any model, this is my asset so do as you please.

    Elaine "dark"

    Elaine "white"

    completed. these are new files
  • @Rugarou any chance you can make that fawn-xy skin for the wolf?
  • no worries, I was working on doing one for horse also so ill prolly just do it for cat,khana,finn,bunny too
  • added futa version of Nika
  • edited January 2022

    fixed eyes, legs etc, missed a layer when I saved.. shit happens


    Done some edit on your Dark Elaine: Slapped the original texture on, erased the pitch black vag, reverted the internal of mouth, vag and anus to the original color with gradient.

    I don't think it's allowed to post edited work of someone else without permission but if there's anyone wants it and I get the permission I'll pack it and share it in this post I guess.

  • @Mars looks good to me except i fixed the chin on mine, the 2 whiteish smudges didnt translate when i baked, i noticed it knocked the gold sheen out too.

    I messaged zagalak about re-doing his work since it wasnt availible anymore, never heard back from him and he hasnt been active in like 2 yrs.
    so its his design, more or less.

    this work I horribly freehanded so its all new materials, and I dont care what you do with them. anything ive done feel free to edit, if you want the substance files i got them aswell.
  • sorry, but maybe you forgot to add or intentionally did not publish the file of the skins of the eyes and penis
    please share for a complete set
  • edited January 2022
    @dadakeen correct, some models have custom textures by me for thier parts, some use the defaults. the majority use defaults. is there a particular one you need help with?

    Edit:I mainly use the liveskindropper tool by JEI for getting my skins into the game, so from there I usually use random parts from other skins to get the look I want. for Ilnir I really like the yellow eyes from the hellspawn mod so i use them alot. I reccomend learning this method as it gives the average user GREAT flexiblity in creating a "look" for thier interactions. this applies to hair colors, penis skins, eyes etc

    second edit: I highly encourage people to modify anything I release... you are totally allowed to. I will of course attempt to accomendate requests, but if you have the capability, please feel free to do w/e you please with my skins. the only caveat to this is when it is another users work i have re-released, then I ask that the assets do not travel outside this medium.
  • sorry I forgot to specify what exactly interests me
    I am interested in the missing parts of the fox deer (eyes and penis)
  • edited January 2022
    @dadakeen fox "should" have his penis... There's only 1 so if you have multiple skins for fox, then either the first skin or the last one you loaded will overwrite the others, I think? I'll check again in a few mins when I get home.

    Edit: what you put in slot 0 for eyes and penis will be the eyes and penis for foxy's other skins also.

    The eyes are from goth fox by motorcyclecop

    This is why I use the JEI liveskindropper

    fawn-xy payness
  • A bit late to the party, Since YL1 is pretty much left out dead in the water at this point. I decided to try and tinker with the skins i got from here in blender as i see fit. Been doing that since the YL1 skin section had gone silent. So far so good. (Theyre all for personal use however, so dont bother asking for em + i havent a clue on who made it anymore either)

    Im not familiar with how blender works in depth tho, and ive never really tried anything intricate (e.g; Shading, etc) or making my very own from strach, so something like nip texture (or any texture for that matter) i always got wrong. 

    I did download the Nika and the demon goat skin, the rest im not too sure tho. But thx for the skins anyway @Rugarou
  • edited January 2022
    You are most welcome! I am here to help and answer questions the best I can.

    If anyone has any skin requests feel free to ask, it is helpful to provide images if possible.
  • i saw a post from forever ago that someone made a cow print bra and panty set for some characters and i would love to see that. sadly the link died before i ever saw the post so idek how it looked lol
  • I can do this for you, but it would be a "layer" you would apply to a skin, do you understand how to do this?

    benefit to doing it this way allows you to use it on any skin.
    if others are also interested in clothing or lingerie I can do those as well
  • Never really bothered with lingerie/clothings because of how the game allows it. Even somethings like nets, stockings, etc seems like stretch because theyre "tattooed" on the skins instead of being a seperate obj/entity lol

    Imagination is half the game, i guess. I wont mind too much on having the options for, say, chokers, leggings, and or tights as long as theyre not textured as fabrics. Pretty sure others wouldnt mind the options as well....

    I still dont know how to use "layers" tho lol. 
  • Pretty simple, you make a transparent layer, add a paint effect to it, add your texture or paint, then when you go to export, drop your base layers and etc and save just that layer, it is important that it's on a transparent layer tho.

    So later, you have your skin UV, and this clothing UV on a transparent layer, you open skin UV in w/e paint application and either merge or combine the two, the phrasing will depend on software, but essentially you get skin UV and take the second UV and lay it over the skin. Save, export, profit.
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