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Tutorial Request : Hair

I've seen some really fantastic hairs from several authors and I was wondering if any of them, the FVNE team included, would be willing to post a tutorial in how they made them, both in Blender and using the fluff groups, or share any helpful advice they've learned.



  • I will do a tutorial for my method some time in the future, although it is very simple. But it needs some more work to really get a more fool proof hair down.

    But I must ask, what do you consider realistic?

    My most realistic is probably

  • If you want to make hair inside blender I highly recommend this one, it got me started pretty quick and it takes only a few minutes to watch:

    In furry-VNE it looks like this (with fur shader turned on of course):

    Also you might want to add some kind of texture to get different color values inside the hair to make it look more natural and you have to do some combing and tilting to make it look right but this is a pretty nice way to make hair without fluff.

    If you need textures just grab some from my characters shown above.

    I also believe that @Dogson already posted a tutorial how he is creating hair, but this would require a add on for blender and its a bit pricey if I remember correctly (roundabout 40$)

  • @Cracket sorry for the delay. I think the second is the best, but it's a close thing.

    @Blacky That tutorial has been quite helpful, but it'll take me some time to get to a point where I'm really happy with using it. The tutorial he posted was enough to get started, but not enough to be *good*. It might be similar with the in program hair, just a skill thing, but I feel like I'm missing something and only accomplishing something decent looking after hours of doing and redoing. 
  • edited January 2022

    Yes indeed. I also feel like this would not be the end of the road, when I'm doing hair I also feel like the circle and path stuff don't quite makes it. Probably the best way to do hair would be the dogson variant :D gotta learn to do plane based hair then...
  • Hold up! The dogson variant? How have I not heard of that?

  • Yup, this one I guess.

    Utilizing a blender plug-in I also have never checked out yet but according to dogson it is what he used for a extremely long time and it's quit a strong. I must say I've never checked it out because back then it felt to complex for me (that was a year ago by now!) so maybe we should give it a try?

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