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It was not easy getting past the guards. It took a lot of falsified paperwork and convincing to get to SouthWood Park Mall, also known as SCP-4971. I don´t know who forgot to sensor the top-secret addendum but now I know the truth. The god that was summoned inside SCP-4971 is indeed the god of rituals, not just the rituals that were described. And the two MTF- units did not die the gruesome death that the video showed. Apparently, they were falsified like most of the content of the file, but soon I will find the truth.

Inside the mall opens up to a vast, mostly forested landscape under a perpetually twilight, as expected. The addendum described a shrine at the top of the nearby hill and sure enough there it is. Small stone columns rise from the grass, in a large triangle formation with a small fountain in the center. As I approach the shire I notice several human skeletons, 13 in fact. The position of the remains indicates that they died in comfortable positions and the fractured pelvises make quite clear the rituals performed here. Since there is no returning back outside, I take a drink from the fountain and embrace my fate. A wave of heat and lust flows through my body and my mind begins to go numb. All I can think of is my uncontrollable desire to release my urges.

As the twilight turns to night, I know SCP-4971-▽ is near. Her approach is subtly but determined. With a wave of her hand, I'm lifted from the ground and my clothes disappear like they were never there. She lays me gently on the grass bed
and lays atop of me with a clear intention. I know she will be the end of me but I will gladly be part of this ritual.

A small story of character that i made. Took some time but I am happy how she turned out.

Inspired by Naughtea's drawings from Twitter:

Orginal SCP file:

If you find any errors or suggestions let me know!
I really hope you all like it!

And a happy new year!


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