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FNAF Skins: Freddy, Withered Chica & Normal Chica, Purple Bonnie, & Roxanne Bunny

edited March 2022 in Custom skins
The animatronic characters here do get a bit quirky at night...
but do I blame them?




Added normal Chica & Roxanne Bunny. Sorry about the hair job on the bunny, it's kinda sloppy. 

Massive credit to @Chyanna for his amazing Bonnie skin. all i did was turn it purple. Link to his post, make sure you download it: 
chyanna's edits 1/16/2022 Yiff FNAF Bonnie Skin & New updated mask/ texture uv pack - Page 2 - Yiffalicious forum



  • Shouldnt be under Yiffalicious, it should be under FurryVNE. dont ruin our hopes and dreams by doing this please.
  • It is for yiffalicious tho, I use the skins myself. I think he said he took inspiration rom some VNE stuff
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