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Game wont load in VR

I'm trying to run this on my Quest 2 with Oculus Link and SteamVR. Whenever I launch the game the 'Yiffalicious Configuration' (with the 'Play!' button) pops up, but whenever I click play the game launches to a white screen for a few seconds and then suddenly closes, I'm not sure what to do


  • the yiif config launcher when launched, opens a black screen with enter or leave buttons at the 2 warning screens. if you are in VR and the goggles are blacked out, try looking around. second, YL1 supports VR headsets but not controllers, so you still need to be using keyboard and mouse so you may need to click those buttons on your PC screen.

    if those things dont get you going then check your video resolution in the launcher.

    I assume you have ran other games via the link cable? using the Airlink can have its own set of problems.
  • I don't even get to the point that warning screens pop up, it just kinda closes after being white for a few seconds
  • odesodes Administrator
    yeah idk, some kind of vr initialization issue. Yiffalicious isn't really maintained anymore. Perhaps it would work better on another (newer) version of Unity.

    Did you try the 32 bit version?
  • So what I do, I open oculus client on desktop, I turn on Q2 link it, Then I start it from q2 menu via show desktop or I start it externally and my q2 picks it up.
    I haven't met you and don't know you, so I'm gonna run you thru some troubleshooting steps that are basic as hell and progress from there if that's ok?

    If you do the above procedure do it the same way Everytime to create a baseline.

    Yiff should run without steam VR. I've never needed it.
    That may be the issue?

    Additionally in the oculus desktop app you can go to settings and make sure OXR is the default VR driver and not steam VR.

    This will vary if you are using a wireless controller and need steam for that, but let's focus on the bare essentials and get you up and running.

    Good luck. I'll check back later.
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