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More flexibility in bones

edited March 2022 in Suggestions
I'm starting a thread here about how the discussion was already initiated here - - @Dogson asked me to close pictures of which the joints could perhaps do with being a little fine tuned, Well, maybe the team can think of something else?!


  • The mesh also tends to fold in at the shoulders.

  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    Thank you for highlighting this! 

    Your attention to the feet has made me and odes to discuss this a bit and we've agreed that we will add a extra bone, dedicated to the ball of the foot for better deformation for when characters stand on their toes plus a overhaul of the skinning of the feet overall. I will do these improvements along with my content updates

    For the forearm deformation -  this will be improved upon when the first interaction build has been released with a more improved and in sync driver that will increase the fidelity of the flexes.

  • edited March 2022
    Juhuu! You have eager testers for that.  :)
    I forgot to mention, as you can see from the picture, the thumb joint could use some love or an additional bone.  ;)

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