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I dared the unspeakable - ! HUMAN FAECES !

edited March 2022 in Characters
It was clear that someone would succeed at some point, I just didn't realize that it would be me!
So I find contrary to @Odes fear; IT CAN work convincingly!?  o:)

Haven't uploaded it to the cloud yet because I'm not sure if it's desired, that will certainly lead to imitators and the "furry part" is debatable. !?  :|


  • I'm not sure should I upload it or not?
  • DogsonDogson Administrator
    As fun as it is to see you guys flexing your creativity here and nothing I personally have anything against, be aware that if this gets uploaded to the cloud it will be deleted because we, as in me and Odes, have to abide to Patreon Guidelines which says that any potential sexual activity involving a human with a furry character will be considered as bestiality.

    I am sorry, but we don't have that tick box rule for uploading to the cloud just to be
    a-holes towards you all but for ensuring that everyone will feel that this is a safe and fun content creator game with furs primarily in mind.

    As a note we can say that what we have no intention to control what people do off-cloud with their creations, any videos produced or posted at other sites are to be considered third party creations and nothing we see as our business. But the cloud is off limits for the restrictions we've implemented in the publishing tick boxes, please respect that.
  • edited March 2022
    Fine with me! B) Even if the rejection hurts a little bit. :(
    Then it's back to Plan-A as originally intended -  a Real Evil Vixen!   :*

  • edited March 2022
    That would then mean that a transformation sequence falls under the same premise?!

    Because that's what excites me the most!!!!    ;) >:)

  • yeah kinda why i didnt upload the blossom and the komori model i was making, it was to humanoid than furry, i was on the fence with long ago with peg pete but i grew up thinking she was furry and her husband and kids are furry so i i figured screw it she is furry.
  • edited March 2022
    I would also think so, you could also count a Succbus among them, the next project would have been a FAUN or a SATYR.
    From my point of view when is a furry a furry just because another head is placed on a humanoid body, could the egyptian gods also be dubbed furry?
    But well, there are probably a few Patreon codes of conduct that prohibit gray areas

                        - It IS how it IS, we will have to live by it!  o:)

    I would have liked to have created "Transformation scenes" (which I certainly will); That doesn't mean it can't be shown at all, just in a different way!  ;)

    I also created a few children for me, makes it easy for me to keep the proportions when drawing, otherwise they will only become small adults, and to add family projects to scenes, I will certainly not upload them, it will be a mess too quickly!    :s

  • Of being completely honest, the human head/face is something I have had in my mind for quite some time. In my opinion, Furry VNE is one of the best character creator in general, not just for furry characters. 

    But then again I kinda understand the Patreon guidelines, but as long as the human question is asked...
  • What gets my goat is the hypocrisy Patreon exhibits with their guidelines. Wild Life, for example, gets to do their thing in peace despite flagrantly violating the human X furry part of the rules. I'm guessing it's part grandfather clause (I'm not 100% sure, but I think WL was on the platform before they started aggressively and arbitrarily expanding restrictions on lewd content) and part sheer raw revenue; after all, Patreon would be axing one of their most profitable projects if they followed their own rules with WL.

    However, the WL team's been making some moves that suggest they're trying to hedge their bets should the worst come to pass; they had a Kickstarter campaign recently that failed to meet its goal, and are planning to make a Steam Early Access release sometime in the near future. Also seems like they're suddenly rushing development after years of slow progress, though that could just be the normal production ramp-up you get when you've got all the pre-production work finally done. Still, can't shake the feeling that they know more about Patreon's plans than the average creator and looks like what they've got cooking likely ain't too good for us "degenerate" types.

    Good to hear the YL team's taking a laissez-faire approach to us going off into some obscure corner of the internet to practice a spot of the ol' hardcore heresy, though. I doubt the censorious cunts over at Patreon approve overmuch of such a degree of user freedom, but they can't do shit about it if they can't pin it on you personally; off-platform behavior hopefully doesn't extend to what unaffiliated third parties do with your product. And if it does, these days, it's proof positive that Patreon is overstepping their authority to the kind of extent that makes them more trouble than they're worth for very nearly every lewd creator, hopefully ushering in the rise of a replacement that ain't run by cancerous tumors masquerading as patrons of the arts.

    As for the face itself @Vandred, good start, but needs a lot more refinement. Might be a good idea to do the nose as a separate mesh, for example, so as to not waste an undue amount of the limited facial geometry on it. Could use more chin and jaw, too. The mouth also needs some work, but that's to be expected, it's a very tricky part to get right.

    As for transformations, I'd imagine that it's fine as long as it's anthros transforming into other kinds of anthros. Any mental changes that occur might fall afoul of the guidelines on pornographic hypnosis, though. One of the more blatantly retarded restrictions with surprisingly far-reaching consequences on that particular list, but I guess muh informed consent is too important to leave out of even purely escapist and fantastical fiction these days. But then, who the hell would bother to patrol every last interaction uploaded for something this reliant on subjective interpretation, eh?
  • edited March 2022
    hmm? Separating the nose, not a bad idea! 

    In the case of transformations in particular, the "human to anthro" path is the interestingly exciting path. :p

  • @Vandred
    Indeed, transformation just doesn't have quite the same impact when it's one fantastical creature transforming into another fantastical creature. You could simulate the "transition from ordinary to extraordinary" aspect of the proceedings with, say, a mouse transforming into a hydra, but it still lacks that oomph of what's inherently familiar to us humans becoming distinctly unfamiliar.

    Thinking more on it, though, if it's just the transformation with maybe only masturbation involved, does it still qualify as a violation of the furry X human clause of the guidelines? Probably still does, Patreon isn't the sort to be charitable with their interpretation of the rules, especially since the tightening porn restrictions are a tell-tale sign of them gearing up for another round venture capital begging, so they've got every incentive to clean their image up for the investors as much as possible right now.
  • I'll definitely create something like this for myself, if possible that's the next thing; just can't share it!  ;)
  • @Vandred
    I think it will be possible to share it, just needs to be done outside the cloud. Characters are saved as convenient files that can easily be uploaded to any file sharing site you care to name and then opened on any other computer with FVNE installed, after all, so I suspect interaction files will be similar (given that old Yiffalicious had that option in addition to the cloud as well), though I do wonder exactly how any user-made assets will work with that. I'd imagine they're planning to keep their filesizes to a minimum, so it'll likely be necessary to bundle them in a .zip with any custom character/assets used in the scene for the sake of end-user convenience. A bit of extra work on the creator's part, but manageable. And if it turns out we can't share interaction files outside of the cloud, there's always video, though that obviously lacks user interactivity with the camera angles and such. A bit of skilled cinematography should compensate for that deficit adequately, though.

    As for where to share links to the verboten material, there's plenty of options. I imagine even this forum we're currently posting in might work for it, though Patreon probably will be keeping an eye on it so the team might be forced to remove offending material here if push comes to shove. Ah well, there's always the various chans, private chat groups and seedy sharing sites to turn to. Might take some touring through them to find all the content that gets posted rather than having a convenient central location where everything goes, but that's the price you pay when you wanna walk on the wrong side of the "law." Nothing those of us familiar with the rebel path ain't used to by now.
  • edited March 2022
    In some cases I have to think about something now, for some of my main characters I've created so many expressions - clothes - parts that I'm breaking the upload limits, but I can't and don't want to have to do without anything anymore!  :(

  • @Vandred
    Well, one advantage of not having to rely on the cloud is no size limits. Well, unless the upload service you use has some, but one can find ones with a pretty high ceiling these days. Certainly enough to fit all but the most luxuriously extravagant characters, though with a full scene with multiple highly customized characters... Well, guess we'll have to see how things work out in the end. In the worst case, though, should be possible to split the files into separate .zips and upload them piecemeal, though that creates a bit of extra hassle for the end-user and the creator alike. Nothing insurmountable, though.

    I've got a few characters in the works with enough custom assets to smack head-first into the upload limits, too. The solution I've thought about (once I fuckin' finally get around finishing them up enough to actually upload) is making one stripped-down variant with just the bare necessities for cloud upload and then put a link to the full version with all the bells and whistles attached up here on the forums on my own character thread, just like we used to do before the cloud was implemented. Won't help us much with stuff that's on Patreon's shitlist, obviously, but a viable strategy for everything else.
  • No fucking way the mad man
  • I would be interested to see her in app just to investigate how good it actually is, because Im impressed that you managed a good human face at all.

    Good job! even if you cant upload it.
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